December 17, 2014

I was doing cardio on the bike with my headphones in zoned out

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Honey bee population since at least 2006. The mysterious disorder causes honey bees to disappear from their hives, canada goose expedition black friday and their bodies are rarely found. Experts have floated several theories for CCD, including disease, parasites, stress, and lack of access to food sources. Others have canada goose outlet vip suggested that there is a combination of factors, including exposure to pesticides. Theories like interference from cell phone towers have even been considered and discounted. Department of Agriculture announced that it is investing $3 million into efforts to protect the honey bee population.

So now to the cause of me feeling like a asshole. I was doing cardio on the bike with my headphones in zoned out. A group of 2 elderly ladies and 2 eldery gentlemen are biking and chatting next to me I glance over and see they are passing pamphlets with “Jesus will save you” and such back and forth and one elderly gentleman has a vanilla envelope I assume full of them.

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